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Primal Def: A type of sexual kink or deviancy which involves becoming Animalistic during sex. Can include scratching, biting, general brute force and animal-type noises like howling, snarling, growling, etc. (Urban Dictionary)

My Primal Fox Def: With regards to me and my personality, I identify as a Primal Fox particularly in a Kink atmosphere. For me this isn’t a solely sexual thing, it also refers to my nature being both FIERCE and PLAYFUL. I can merge into a pack or run solo, I can flitter between packs and people but I’m ever present in the lives of those who wish to run along side me. I’m extremely Loyal but far too Logical to put up with nonsense. I am Wild, never able to be fully tamed. I am a Survivor, forever able to overcome adVersity and act in accordance to what will maintain my own safety and those around me.

To easily and comfortably navigate your reading and leaning experience I’ve compiled a list of common words, phrases and acronyms with definitions and explanations for your benefit.

Blog Overview

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Getting Started: Communication & Safety

Getting Started: Lingo & Pronouns

Getting Started: Consent and Boundaries in a Social setting

Consent & Communication via Online Messaging Services

Safe Sex in ENM relationships

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Discussions, Communications and Agreements.

Safety Hack pack

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Journey and Discovery

Relationship Anarchy Safe introduction to Kink.

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Introduction Continued

Kinks (posted per requests)

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Experience, Connect and After Care

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About Me

Primal Fox, Pansexual, Kinky, Polyamorous/RA, Brat

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