Safe Introduction of Kink. In the Beginning.

When starting out the best place is at the beginning. Lower level kinks such as Sensation Play and Deprivation, Wax Play and less intense Bondage are good places to start. For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on Sensation Play and Sensory Deprivation. Before you start anything you must sit down together,Continue reading “Safe Introduction of Kink. In the Beginning.”

Safe Sex Practices In Polyamory & Ethical Non-Monogamy

When It comes to safe sex in the poly community let alone poly relationships, Safe Sex is of paramount importance due to the potential connections which can cause STI’s to spread like wildfire. Safe sex in polyamory not only includes using protection and risk assessment but also communicating. Communication is important so that all peopleContinue reading “Safe Sex Practices In Polyamory & Ethical Non-Monogamy”

Starting Poly Dating. Is it for you? In the very beginning.

We are here for you. How do you know you’re Poly? How can you find out? How do you start out without causing issues for others? Where do you even start! You may be asking yourself one or all these questions and be quite nervous about how to move forward. Don’t you worry your prettyContinue reading “Starting Poly Dating. Is it for you? In the very beginning.”

Consent & Communication via Online messaging services

Sometimes people need a couple tips when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate to bring up in conversating and/or what is appropriate message content to share. This entirely depends on the person you are communicating with. What people deem appropriate or not is entirely subjective. What I want to make clear today isContinue reading “Consent & Communication via Online messaging services”

Getting Started: Consent, Communication and Boundaries in a Social Setting.

Everyone is different in the level in which they are comfortable in a social setting, therefore it is imperative to respect what everyone requires to enjoy their nights as much as possible. Asking for consent before any physical touch is very important. Some people do not enjoy physical touch of any form, even as aContinue reading “Getting Started: Consent, Communication and Boundaries in a Social Setting.”


So, you’re interested? GREAT! Let’s get started! First Up, I’ve got a Page to help you on your journey, To keep up with the crazy conversations, to learn new things, to find new things to look into and to know what to ask about when you want more information, the best place to start isContinue reading “GETTING STARTED: LINGO & PRONOUNS”