Drowning in Queer (trigger warnings see tags).

If you read alot of gay literature of any kind you may notice a common theme. Whether it’s poetry, manga, novels, short stories, you may notice a feeling that’s described often.

It’s Drowning.

Drowning in the expectations of society, the hate, the self-loathing, the desire that’s built up through abstinence, the watchful eyes of strangers, the freely displayed affection of hetero-normative relationships, the guilt.

Drowning in desire, desire for freedom, for touch, for love, for acceptance, for the freedom of expression that others take for granted.

I want everyone to take a moment to imagine what it would feel like if you could not show who it is you truly are. If you could not show your interests, your affection, your needs and wants, if you had to bottle all that up, how would you feel? After a month, after a year and finally if you had never expressed yourself freely at all in your life, what would happen to all that desire, all that feeling, all those wants and needs? How would you feel?

You’d drown in them.

Be kind, be accepting, ask about your queer friends relationships as you would any other, give lgbtq+ people a place to express and talk about their issues, you don’t have to particularly understand. You just need to give space for others around you to freely express who they really are.

If you’re an Ally, this is my greatest request of you. Listen, ask questions, prod a little further if it seems like they need to discuss their issues. Ask what’s on their mind, reassure you have no judgement, reassure they can express themselves.

Society has told them they can’t for their entire lives, be the person that can change someone’s fate.

What happens if noone throws you a lifebuoy? Be someone’s lifebuoy today. It’s not difficult, I’m not asking alot, simply give space to your queer friends to express who it is they truly are.

After all, If you’re Drowning, If no one is there to pull you back to the surface for you to let out a breath and take another, what do you suppose happens to you…….

Just something to think about.

Love Fox,

ever concerned for my queer babies health. I have space for you, you can always send me an email to Foxhackscontact@gmail.com

if you ever need advice or simply to know someone out there has heard you, someone has heard your true self, your desires, needs, I hear you, I accept you. Everything will be okay.

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Primal Fox Kink and Poly Educator.

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