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Along my travels I’ve found many a friend and professionals that helped to fill my head with knowledge and resources. It would be selfish of me not to share them all with you!

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Eros Relationships

Rachel is passionate about helping people with self-development and personal growth, especially when it comes to communication and relationships. She is excited to share her knowledge to help upskill and empower others. With a Bachelor of Human Services and Master of Social Work. She has had over 3 years of mental health and counselling experience. Rachel is offering short-term, solution-focused, relationship counselling for individuals, couples and moresomes. She is LGBTIQA+, kink, poly and sex worker friendly. A Cuddle Party Facilitator (in training). She is a huge advocate for cuddle parties, because everyone can benefit from more physical touch in their lives!


Alternative Lifestyle Magazine

Demasque Magazine was founded after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign with overwhelming support. Totally independently published, Demasque features captivating stories and raunchy interviews from both Australia and around the world. “Demasque” means to unmask in French, that’s the aim of the magazine, to take off the mask and show the realities of the alternative lifestyles. Through artistic depiction of fetishes and alternative fashion this magazine catches not only your eyes but also stimulates the mind.


FetLife: Demasque_Mag
Twitter: DemasqueMag
Instagram: Demasque_Magazine


Free US based Educational Forum/Site

BDSM wiki is a fantastic resource I’ve come across with an awesome Leader/Founder whom was more than happy to allow me to Cite and Reference the site. With the Goal of expanding the World’s knowledge of All things BDSM this site is a well rounded Informative Resource with emphasis on Safety, which I just ADORE!


Dating & Events


For Polyamorous Dating and Events

I’ve been a part of the Community now for 4 years and watched it grow into what it is today! I frequent events and this is where I already share my knowledge with people in person. My Good friend founded this group and what started as a small group of friends catching up for barbecues and drinks has turned into a Massive Inclusive Community! Whether you’re curious about Poly or Already Poly, Here is where to go to meet Likeminded people. There are also events that cater to the Kink and Swingers communities if that’s your Thang!




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