Safe Introduction of Kink. In the Beginning.

When starting out the best place is at the beginning. Lower level kinks such as Sensation Play and Deprivation, Wax Play and less intense Bondage are good places to start. For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on Sensation Play and Sensory Deprivation.

Before you start anything you must sit down together, get comfortable and have a chat about what it is you would and wouldn’t try. Start with the basics and low level kinks before moving up to more intense kinks. You can play around with adding to your senses by introducing scents and tastes and sensations or remove senses such as sight and hearing on the basic level. More extreme forms of sensation play and deprivation ill leave for another time and discuss after some good starting off kinks to try.

Adding to your senses can be simple and many people do this already visually, such as through Lingerie and through smell, through incense or scented candles. To take this to a higher level you can introduce taste and more expansive touch sensations. Lingerie can be used for Sensation Play also through adding to the touch/feel by using different types of material like tule, velvet, nylon and cotton.

Play around with simple skin to skin touch. Head scratches, back scratches, massage different areas, Tantric massage (ill write an article specific to Tantra at a later date). After skin to skin you can take it up a notch with implements. You can use implements such as feathers to tickle, pin wheels to prick, claws to scratch, wax and flame to heat. Remember to take things slow and steady and get comfortable with each different sensation before increasing or moving on to the next thing.

Pinwheels are a basic implement that’s easy to cover here to give you something to start off with. Pinwheels or Whartenberg wheels are a sensory tool originally used to check feeling and nerve response in the medical field. Kinksters have adopted this tool into their repertoire due to its unique feel. Pinwheels often break the skin so its important that it is sterilised before every use. A good sterilisation technique is to soak in boiling water then wipe or soak in an alcohol/disinfectant solution. If you do break the skin during play its also always a good idea to disinfect those areas after play to reduce risk of infection. Pinwheels come in all different shapes and sizes. Multiple wheels on one tool means more pricks over a larger area, however, this means they are less painful due to the laws of weight distribution. Tools with one wheel concentrate the pricks to one line which means the feeling will also be more concentrated. Obviously how hard you press also dictates whether you’ll feel more or a tickle or a pick or piercing sensation. To take this tool further specifically with singular wheels you an turn it sideways to scratch. Just remember what I said earlier, DISINFECT BEFORE USE.

Let’s move on to removal of senses ie. Sensory Deprivation. Sensory Deprivation  can be taken to a higher level but always start with the basic as first. The basics in my mind are sight and hearing. For some if not most this is a big step so remember to check in. It takes a lot of trust to shut down any of your senses in company so that must not be taken lightly. Start with only one sense to ease into the kink and reduce chances of potential panic and anxiety.

Blind folds are great and you can get creative with them, you can use a piece of cloth, a tie, a store bough blindfold or eye ask, there are many options. By removing one or more of your senses you will in turn heighten others, in addition to this some people gain extra excitement from the unknown. Keep in mind when you do this, often the skin becomes more sensitive to any form of touch so starting lighter than you normally would is always a good idea. Blindfolding and earplugs etc can be excellent trust building tools and you have the potential to have a fantastic sensual experience when using them.

Before you go into any pain related kink along side Sensory Deprivation such as Impact Play, I’d recommend a nice sensual scene to build connection and trust first. What you can do is blindfold the person somewhere comfortable and concentrate on positive touch and different sensations. Kisses, licks, little squeezes, scratches, nibbles, strokes, all over the body can drive your sexual partner crazy with lust. Once you’ve done this at least once you can add a little bondage in to heighten the experience. Some cuffs for wrists and ankles will start you off nicely and you can get the person out of them quickly if they become overwhelmed. When starting out in kink gain the trust and connection first and when you do this it can open up future opportunities  and possibilities in exploring much higher level kinks if your are interested.

Before you begin your kink adventures remember to take the time to sit down and have an open and honest chat about needs and capabilities. Always start slow and take your time. Adjust scenes as needed. Never be ashamed or bad in any way about taking a step back every now and then to regain your comfort levels in different kinks before moving on again. Trust and communication is the base you need before, during and after diving in so ensure you form this solid foundation for your play first.

That’s all for today, STAY SAFE, TAKE IT SLOW, ONE STEP AT A TIME.


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