HI all you Slaves to Love! All kinds of Love! It is I, Your local Melbournian Lover of all forms and expressions of Love and Sensuality. I with every label under the Sun (I’m not one for labels so I just chose all of them haha!).

My Name is Nik, Fox, Demon child, King of Dirt, Plants, Arts and Crafts and KFC.

Non-binary Masc Fox

With regards to me and my personality, I identify as a Primal Fox particularly in a Kink atmosphere. For me this isn’t a solely sexual thing, it also refers to my nature being both FIERCE and PLAYFUL. I can merge into a pack or run solo, I can flitter between packs and people but I’m ever present in the lives of those who wish to run along side me. Im extremely Loyal but far too Logical to put up with nonsense. I am Wild, never able to be fully tamed. I am a Survivor, forever able to overcome adversity and act in accordance to what will maintain my own safety and those around me.

I am a Protector, Teacher, Lover and Nurturer. I’m all about having fun, with that being said all fun must strive be as Safe, Ethical, Consensual, and Beneficial! I’m here to help you fill in some blanks on your journey, to help it be the most Positive experience, with as few as possible accidents or not very nice situations as humanly possible.

On a regular basis I frequent events for a community one of my close friends has created. A part of what I do there is help to Integrate Newbies in by giving them reliable info, letting them ask the more embarrassing questions and prompting them to ask what it is they are truly looking to do or gain in regards to Poly or Kink. I want everyone to be able to fulfill their needs and desires and it makes me so happy and super excited watching people grow and become comfortable within a community that cares and supports you!

As we progress through topics you’ll see different people pop up in quotes who I’ve gone and asked for their input so that I’m always giving you the best information, tips and hacks I can find you! If ever you need a little extra, drop me a message and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat.

What People Say About me.

“Nik is a sultry firecracker who will do her best to make all your fantasies come true.”


“It’s brilliant and you are always fun, infectious laughter and up for an adventure, time well spent when it’s in your company.”


“Nik is a clear communicator and has great compassion for others. She’s loyal and supportive – I’m glad to have her help and counsel. She’s a great party host too!”


Let’s build something together.

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