We don’t always deserve to WANT love, but we NEED it.

This next bit may be rough. But you’ve probably been lied to, for a long time.. 

Everyone has done bad things in their life at some point. Everyone experiences some form of mental illness or condition at some point. Noone is a good person completely. People fuck up, we arnt as smart as we think we are. Our brains are just electrocuted meat. We still have instinctual behaviours that take over, some people are more susceptible to this.

Now stick with me here,

What this all means is really, as a whole, humans are shit, shit to each other, shit to the planet, we are pretty good at ruining things.

WANTING love at some point in all our lives we all won’t deserve to do. (Not speaking of unconditional love which is rare enough anyway, speaking of friend and romantic love).

With all that being said,

NEEDING love is a human condition. Not having love makes you become more susceptible to becoming more of a burden to the planet and others around you like previously mentioned. You need love, because love transforms people. Love is what can transform us into better people. Both giving and receiving love. You don’t have to be good at it at the beginning, not many people are. But being open to giving and receiving love can give yourself and others a chance to become a person who deserves it.

NOBODY, and I repeat, NOBODY DESERVES ANOTHERS LOVE IN THE BEGINING…. that’s why sometimes it can be incredibly scary, because inherently we know this.

It is something that most of the time its given and earnt after the fact,
it always has been,

you’ve just been lied to for a long time by society.

No you may not deserve to be loved in this moment, but this is because we never deserve another’s love when its freely given in the beginning.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved through their life however. This may be confusing and sound contradictory but here’s why….

Once you receive love you then must strive to become deserving of it. Most people automatically start to try be more deserving subconsciously.

We should all live in a way that makes us the most deserving

Where you will truly fail is not putting the effort into becoming deserving.

I really hope, in the future, as soon as possible, you receive a romantic, non online, or friendship love that doesnt abandon you, as that may be a large part of why MANY come to think this incorrect, not overly logical way, its being reinforced by those who leave you behind.

Most importantly, seek love from your friends not just from those you wish to be romantic with.

You can start here, with all of us, with me. There is alot of love and support here. I hear you. I hear the pain. I support you. You have my love. Now you can just start to give back by giving us here your love in return. It needn’t be a singular person. Baby steps. You will derserve love but remember, you must strive to be deserving of the love we are referring to.

Please try to both give love and receive it, it is what will push you to become a better person and you will become deserving so long as you try.

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Primal Fox Kink and Poly Educator.

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