Australian vs US, Wildlife vs Guns, Debate & Musings.

CW: Gun Debate, Mass Shootings, Wildlife Caused Death, Death, Snakes, Sharks, Dangerous Wildlife, Guns, Humans suck.

Some musings on the US Gun Debate with an online warrior whom was all like, Guns arn’t the problem. True, Humans are the problem.

The original topic is that Australian wildlife kills more than US Guns. US citizens are afraid of Australia for this reason. “Everything will and can kill you.”

First off here are the numbers (they speak for themselves:

Wildlife related deaths in Australia: less than 250 in a 10 year period, caused mostly by Horses, Dogs and Cows. Horses showing to be the overwhelming winner for deaths caused.

Gun related Deaths in US: more than 33000 per Year.

Overall, Humans are way more dangerous and stupid compared to other animals. Whenever someone gets bitten by something I always ask “but what were YOU doing?” And always, always its something stupid like it was cornered or being poked by a stick or moved. Just leave shit alone and it’s totally fine.

Everything is way more scared of you, besides maybe an Emu with babies and a Cassowary (theyre fucken scary so I totally agree stay the fuck away from them). However you should steer clear of animals when they have young as a general rule.

I grew up in country Victoria so I have alot of experience with the deadly wildlife that lives in Australia, the amount of Tiger snakes i’ve seen would blow your mind but Guess What, i’ve only ever seen them trying to flee or trapped unable to flee.

I used to live by a lagoon and there was a big old Tiger Snake Grandpa that used to live on the corner of the walking track by the rail road, every local knew he was there, it wasn’t unsafe to walk by him. You could see him anyway slithering for cover when you got closer to the corner. Snakes can feel the vibrations of your footsteps as you approach. Ensure they have an escape route and they’ll take it, if they arnt moving fast, they’re tired, (usually from cold) so give them more time to depart. Don’t poke them, don’t approach them closely, just stamp your feet a bit from a distance and they’ll feel it and move off. When bushwalking and you hear a rustle off to the side or see a snake ahead, same thing, stamp your feet a bit and continue on your way. This remains true for most animals, Theyre not interested in you, they just want a nice place to lie on the sun and catch some dinner.

With regards to things like Sharks, Crocodiles, and jellyfish check warnings before swimming, kiosks will usual have a poster up in window or you can just ask, most country towns will also have information centres that will have this information for you (look for the big, Usually Yellow, “I” sign on a usually blue building).

In my hometown sharks were frequent even Orcas would come in because we have a seal colony, also we had alot of cattle and sheep ships come in and out of Port which can lead them into the bay, but everyone knew because there would always be a sign up in the kiosk by the beach and information centre was informed. If there’s noone swimming, go check why before you jump in. Simple.

Don’t shove your hands in places you can’t see unprotected and leave animals with an escape route and you’ll be fine.

Also you should research and keep the number of your local Parks Ranger, Snake catcher and Wildlife catching services, trust me theyre there, just search for the numbers. In my hometown there was even the Koala catching Lady, everyone had her number because they would watlz into the main street all confused pretty often.

Side note/Tip: For Emus if they’re aggravated you need to get something that makes you look taller, so grab a tree branch or stick and hold it above your head, they’ll back off. If you see emu babies you should avoid the area for a bit because Daddy emu will be stressed (the males watch them not females).

Back to the Guns debate now that I’ve told you about some animals,,,,

One of the Arguments i recieved: In Switzerland they have a large number of guns per population yet low death rates.

This person was by no means incorrect in what they were saying however the view they had still only skimmed the surface of the problem.

Overall I agree with their statement that Guns are not the Issue, Guns don’t Kill people, People kill people.

I have very little faith in Humanity in general however I do know that Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I was just giving the numbers for the argument that people were saying wildlife in Australia kills more than Guns in America which is blatantly false. (See above).

I know for a fact that the last mass shooting here in Australia was in 1996. In Port Arthur in Tasmania.

The last mass shooting in the US was 2019 in Texas, from what I can find. Technically more recent according to literal definition of a mass shooting but let’s look at the one with a reasonable number if deaths to make my point ironclad.

Also its not that we don’t have Guns, we do, alot, however they are harder to get, and the legalities surrounding them are far more strict.

There are guns in Australia, you can own a gun, many people do, however they are usually hunting related and there’s alot of terms and conditions with relation to keeping them, storing them.

What im trying to say is, the legalities are such that there are measures in place that deter those whom are unstable in their ability to arm themselves.

Of course if someone was very adamant on getting a gun, they would be able to find one, especially in the country, but the best they could probably get is a hunting rifle.

They could only get something that takes time to load and shoot, this also means that the capacity for damage is lessened because of the type of firearms they could get their hands on can’t shoot multiple shots in a short amount of time.
Make sense?

Also Switzerland are so great with so much of their stuff and have one of the happiest populations in the world and also Canadians (also mentioned by original debater) i would assume are similar due to having the availability of things such as better health care systems. The underlying problem of discontented populous is far less in these places. Also there are easier access to help.

Overall I would wholeheartedly agree that if you want to stop murder, you need to look at what is causing the unrest and mental health issues that lead to it, however I do believe putting systems and regulations in place that control the ability to access firearms is also something necessary.

Im really hoping that the US is able to lessen the civil unrest and divide over the next few years and I hope things improve for them over there with their new leadership. I know a vast majority are sighing with relief that the person whom was sowing discord and discomfort amongst the populous is no longer in charge. Im really very happy for you as I know we all, all in the entire world right now, have enough to worry about with the Pandemic.

Remember, for those whose own firearms, never leave them easily accessible or loaded. Never leave them in a place you or your family, can easily get to when your/their thought processes are distorted by emotion.

By all means keep a baseball bat by your front door for security, just not a gun.

My advice to all is always, EDUCATE YOURSELF and further to that if you dont want injury, DONT DO STUPID SHIT. haha. Seek help when you need it and don’t bottle up your unrest.

Sorry but HUMANS ARE DUMB. We moved away from instinct and we pay for it if we don’t think about things properly. Im on wildlife’s side, yall are crazy, wildlife are way more easy to understand and predict. The scariest animal by far is HOMOSAPIENS.

Peace ✌🦊

Below are some articles and information you can trust with regards to this topic, education is key!

Here are the animals REALLY most likely to kill you in Australia

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