Why do you partake in practices that result in pain and discomfort?

The topic: BDSM Does not require pain.

This was brought to my attention by a close friend. Id like to discuss on a larger reaching platform.

My answer: Im not “enduring” nor “putting up with” anything. Im there solely for the pain. The entire purpose is to find a physical feeling of discomfort and pain that can be controlled and manipulated to match the discomfort and pain that is created by my own body and brain. Im giving my brain a way to process what I feel 24/7. It’s catharsis. Its essentially a psychosomatic therapy that i enjoy. By getting enjoyment, pleasure and catharsis from the pain and discomfort so as to better cope with and process my constant pain is the entire point for me.

There’s other aspects I enjoy for sure for example im a Primal being. But without this sense of pain and discomfort you speak of, it wouldn’t be something I even regarded as worth allowing another person to come even close to touching my body.

Recently I was diagnosed with chronic pain so it makes far more sense now.

What I would like to ask you all is this:

What is it that YOU look to gain from BDSM, why do you partake in BDSM practices that result in pain and discomfort?

Comment below.

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