You’re Not Hard To Love.

Stay away from those who say you’re hard to love.
This is extremely important and i’ve been through this way of thinking more than once. It wasn’t until my mum sat me down and thoroughly explained how that is not how anyone should think and exactly why. Asking questions and for what evidence I had (being Autistic I can’t believe something unless theres evidence but of course it’s possible that I can be fed false evidence). Explaining with sound counter arguments as to why what I had come to believe was flawed.
Without that it’s likely I would have stayed thinking the same way.

So I’d like to remind you all that “i love you” is an acceptable phrase to say to anyone, friends most especially, but for some reason that’s been forgotten. More importantly learn to not only say ” I love you” but also the reason why as a follow up. Give people the reason they’re worthy of love because most of the time, we arn’t good at seeing our own value without others which is why this issue arises in the first place.

Its okay to know your value through others, it isn’t actually a bad thing like you’re always told, but you need to believe the why you’re worthy of love over the why you’re not. Believe in what people say they love about you, humans inherently try to gain power over one another with negativity so its often just a toxic alpha trait to convince others theyre terrible people and hard to love so as to gain superiority. Most of the time its not a true statement which is why,
You can believe people when they say the reasons they love you because when humans express this, there’s no ability to gain superiority over the other, they’re putting you on a pedestal.
That person isn’t looking down on you, so believe them.

Learn not just to say I love you, say why, and believe in what others say they love about you.

Published by foxhacks

Primal Fox Kink and Poly Educator.

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