Drowning in Queer (trigger warnings see tags).

If you read alot of gay literature of any kind you may notice a common theme. Whether it’s poetry, manga, novels, short stories, you may notice a feeling that’s described often. It’s Drowning. Drowning in the expectations of society, the hate, the self-loathing, the desire that’s built up through abstinence, the watchful eyes of strangers,Continue reading “Drowning in Queer (trigger warnings see tags).”

Long-Term Illness & Kink

Long term illness and ever-changing sexual and kink drive. How do you cope? Some people like me have Long-term conditions that can totally take over their lives. Historically, I’m an intensely sexual person whom can withstand and enjoy even the most extreme forms of kink revolving around pain. There’s a part of me that cravesContinue reading “Long-Term Illness & Kink”